Tuesday, 21 June 2011

From a reader

Two blogs in one day?! Well I never!!

I got an email today from someone who has read my blog and in it he shared a poem which I wanted to share with everyone else.

So, whenever you feel bad, remember that "Life is what life is"

(Plain text version available here)

Keep Smiling :(:

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  1. Plain text version of poem:

    life is what life is
    every day i wake is a day I have that
    those who didn't wake wont have
    live it for they can't
    its only a day, it might never again be had
    remember that yesterday is past
    tomorrow never comes
    today is where we are at
    so always walk forwards but keep looking back
    what you learn from what you see
    watching from afar
    it will give the skills for tomorrow
    not become a part of the past
    cherish each moment as if it is your last


Thanks for your comment!!