Friday, 10 June 2011

Getting Help!

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Today I am going to tell you how I sought help.

It started off by going to my GP and pretty much breaking down. I've always been taught that crying is a sign of weakness so you can imagine how I felt! It was a really difficult time for me and it was a horrible experience!

I had not long split with my partner of the time and he'd recommended I go and seek help. They say the hardest steps are:

1) Admitting you need help
2) Asking for help
3) Accepting the help

So I already knew I needed help. I'd known it for quite some time! Admitting it to myself was a whole other story! I am the kind of person who will always help others before helping oneself!

When I finally admitted I needed help to my ex partner, the next step was to seek it.

It was hard for me to ask for the help I needed. Much harder than admitting I needed it!

I had made several attempts to ask for the help. I called my GP to make an appointment several times and cancelled. I then tried writing a letter which never made it to my GP! Finally I reached breaking point and I made an emergency appointment and went straight away. I think perhaps it was the waiting that made me feel worse.

I started off ok, just explaining how I was feeling but when I started to get into the why that was when I broke down. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed! The GP was very reassuring and told me she would have to refer me to a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, the wait was as much as 8 weeks! That made things really difficult because it was all I could think about!

I think it was about 6 weeks before I finally got the letter. I was so nervous and I desperately needed to tell someone about it.

I went to someone I worked with. She knew a little about my 'issues' and she understood. She helped me speak to my boss about my therapy without giving away too much detail. I called the doctor and accepted the therapy.

My first day of therapy I was terrified! I hardly slept the night before and I'd felt sick as I made my way there.

When I got there, I handed in my letter to the receptionist and I felt like she was judging me. I felt nervous as I sat in the waiting room. However, there was a very cute cat wandering about which put me slightly at ease!

Keep Smiling :(:

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