Sunday, 26 June 2011


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Those who suffer Bipolar Disorder or indeed any other mental disorder will notice that there is much stigma attached to their suffering. If it's not bad enough that we actually suffer and we're singled out because of that, we're singled out for being bad, crazy, nasty etc. I've yet to meet a person who has a mental illness who is actually mad, bad, nasty or crazy!

Surely we're all a little crazy in our own special way?! It makes us unique!

People say that it is the fear of the unknown, the lack of understanding that makes people stigmatise us.

Why can't we be more like animals? They like to investigate things first!

I would love to educate people about mental illness! If half the people I know knew I had Bipolar Disorder they would be sure to change their minds about mental illness! I live a very productive life. I'm happy for the most part and I have a lot of focus on my future!!

The fear of the stigma is part of the reason I'm remaining anonymous at least for the time being. 

I'm tired of being told "Oh it's just a little bit of depression, you'll be fine." or "cheer up, it's not the end of the world!"

If only these people could be inside my head for a day! No, 5 minutes even! That's all it would take before they're shrieking "I'm normal, get me out of here!"

If people would just spend a little time getting to know us they would soon realise that we're not mad, bad criminals. We're just ordinary people who think in a different way! 

Keep Smiling :):

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