Thursday, 30 June 2011

Where would I be?

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I often wonder where I would be without my Bipolar Disorder. Would I be a different person? Better? Worse? I don't know. In all honesty, I don't think I want to know.

Where would I be without the special people in my life? Not here, that's for sure.

I know I often feel alone and when I'm down no amount of help can pick me up but when I'm ready to come around again there are some special people who are always there for me.

I've spoken to so many different people now from different areas of my life and most of them are urging me NOT to get medicated. I don't really want to go down that road as I have a fear of taking pills due to an overdose attempt some time ago

I guess then I need to try and tackle this nutritionally. 

I really ought to register with a local GP. I'm terrible with that kind of thing! I'm terrified of doctors!! 

I'm actually not feeling much like writing today so I think I'm going to end it here and leave it for a few days.

Keep smiling :(:
Even if I'm not


  1. i hope you're feeling better. id be interested to hear about tackling BD nutritionally, if you're ever inclined to talk about it. everyone has always told my mom that the only way she can be stable is through medication.

  2. Come on, if you read anything at all about bipolar you know you can't control it with nutrition. Good nutrition can help but it's no substitute for meds. Today's psych meds have a much better safety profile than some of the older ones did, meaning taking even a full bottle would make you sick but probably wouldn't kill you. I'm not saying the meds are great - they suck, but they're effective. If you can live with bipolar med-free, more power to you, but you're playing with your life.

  3. Jan,

    I understand what you're saying. Nutrition doesn't necessarily control the Bipolar but it most certainly can lessen the effects.

    I have lived for 3 years so far without medication for bipolar and more than 13 years without medication for depression so I'm pretty confident that I'm not playing with my life. I have read extensively on the matter and I am well aware that medication, in fact, can make Bipolar Disorder much worse, mostly because it deals with only the symptoms. Also, your body becomes dependant on the drugs and every so often you have to up your dosage. Coming off the drugs is most certainly like playing with your life!!

  4. Well, all of it is very subjective and there's no sense throwing out one way or other entirely. And there's no solid evidence for you in particular until you've gone and done the road. Everyone is so individual and everyone is always saying but it is the truth. I have been on the same LOW doses of meds for years and am getting set to decrease them due to some serious decrease in symptoms. I tried various nutritional things before I went on meds but they did not work for me. I think a lot of that was the number and severity of the triggers in my life along with rapid cycling. I know 2 people from my blog (and there may be more) who are not on meds and are successful. If you go to my blog, 2 followers are Maasiyat and Rockpapershutup (the black cat).
    Good luck and good for you for trying things out. That's all we can do until they find the source.

  5. Meredith

    I know that all of it is subjective. There is no one right answer.

    There are several reasons I have not gone down the medical route. First and foremost is my fear of taking pills. A few years ago I took an overdose and I have since been able to take any kind of pills without a great ordeal! Secondly, I am well aware of how the doctors are controlled by pharmaceutical companies who push specific drugs without running the full tests needed. It is a known fact that many anti-depressants are actually neurotoxins and can cause long-term damage to the brain. The third reason (and probably the most important reason) I chose not to go down the medicated route is that I don't believe they will help me. It is again a known fact that if you believe in the drugs you are taking then they will help you. It has been thoroughly tested with giving patience placebos. It is an area I am very interested in, not specifically because of my own illness but since I am also very interested in psychology and how the mind works!

    I have looked at a great many alternatives for treating the symptoms of bipolar disorder. I have also looked at treating the cause (which meds 100% do not do) and I have yet to find anything that is completely conclusive however, I will continue to strive!!


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