Saturday, 16 July 2011


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The past few days I have been suffering a lot of anxiety. I'm not entirely certain what caused it but I think I'm through it now. I wasn't sleeping too well and last night I had a good sleep and it looks like I my well have sorted my Uni funding out so I think I might just be ok!

It's so hard to describe things when you're feeling anxious and I have a feeling my partner doesn't get it. He sees me stressed or irritated and I think it stresses or irritates him.

Social situations make me very anxious and I guess recently I have found myself in a few of them!

Also, being uncertain of things make me anxious. When I don't know what's coming next or what to expect. I found myself involved with a person a few years ago who caused me a little bother. She'd become a central figure in my life through harassment and hassling. A few times, I thought I'd managed to shake her off but she would re-appear after some time with a renewed vengeance. She was becoming more of a problem each time she resurfaced. It seems now though that I have finally managed to shake her off with the help of a friend but I still have a niggling feeling she might still be around! 

You can never fully trust people. Especially when it comes to the internet. You just never know who it is sat behind that computer!! 

I have developed a habit of treating everyone with suspicion until they can prove to me otherwise. It's not the best habit to have but unfortunately, I've been hurt too much to be any other way. If someone wants to befriend me I often think to myself "what are they gaining from me". People I meet face to face are often given the benefit of the doubt if I like them. If someone makes me angry on first meeting them, that anger will often stick. 

Since starting my blog I've come across some very interesting people! Some of whom I've shared lengthy and great conversations.

I'm still hitting the occasional stumbling block whilst I am writing but I will strive to continue on a daily basis even if it's just to say hey!

Tomorrow is Race for Life so I should have lots to talk about!! 

Until then...

Keep Smiling :):

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