Monday, 25 July 2011


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What a crappy day I've had today!!

Tried to be good and get all my errands sorted, I envisioned it would take an hour at the maximum.

I started off at the bank, 25 minutes in the queue to make a withdrawal cos my bank card hasn't yet arrived. 30 minutes at the post office because they only had 3 staff on at the busiest time of the day. 10 minutes waiting for food. 10 minutes for my partner to come out of work to give me the money to pay in for him. 40 minutes waiting in my partner's bank to pay in some cash cos the machine was broken only to be told by the cashier that she'd been helping people 20 minutes ago (LIAR!). 20 minutes in the supermarket! 15 minutes in Boots to get some hair product. That's more than 2 hours of my life WASTED in a queue!

The cashier made me really angry! There was no need for her to lie to me! Also, in Boots the security guard followed me around the store then stood at the door watching as I walked up the high street! 

Then on my walk home I was verbally abused by some men driving by in a truck! When I got home to make myself a cup of tea the milk that I only bought yesterday and was dated 27 July was off!! I logged onto my selling Facebook page to find I'd been branded a thief and scammer. I opened the windows to let in some fresh air and discovered that there has been a flight path routed over our house!! Now I have a mosquito or something attacking me!! 

These days are sent to TEST us!! 

Tomorrow is a new day! More errands to run d'oh!! 

Anywho, come and join the new social network site Bipolar Spouses Network. We are still working out some kinks but hopefully we will have a fully functioning network soon!! 

Keep Smiling :):

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