Monday, 11 July 2011

University Blues

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As you may know, I have applied for university this year. It is one of my lifelong goals, to attend university,  get a first, then a masters then eventually a PHD. I had given myself 10 years to fulfil this dream.

However, it seems like I have already hit a stumbling block. I applied for my student finance and they have agreed to give me a £7,000 maintenance loan but they will not give me a fee loan. Nor will they give me any grants or bursaries.  I don't understand this. I have not studied at university before and I'd thought it was pretty standard that your first degree would be covered by a loan.

It seems that since my partner earns a cushy wage, I'm entitled to the square route of sod all!

It's hard work trying to make something of oneself! It seems that no matter what I do someone always has a foot on my head trying to drown me!

My dad always used to say to me that I might as well just rob a bank. If I got caught, I'd go to prison, get 'rehabilitated' offered an education, free roof over my head, free food, possibly even a job. If I get away with it, I'll have all the money to do with as I please! It's a win win situation! 

I don't want my Bipolar Disorder to define my life. Nor do I wish to be defined by my roots! I want to be my own person and not the person the "man" says I ought to be! 

As you can see, this is more of a ranting blog than an informative one. I'm still sore from my disastrous holiday and just not quite feeling the release my blog provides me!

Please stay faithful loyal fans and I will try my best to set myself right again!! 

I'm going to see the doctors soon (maybe)!

Keep Smiling :(: 
Even if I'm not!

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