Thursday, 15 September 2011

WARNING: Trolls!

Oh dear! It's been a while since my last blog and here comes some verbal vomit!

What is it with these internet trolls?!

I don't get it at all!! Why go out of your way to make someones life miserable?

I was pleased to see this in the news this week. What that man did was disgusting and he needs more than 18 weeks in prison! Alcoholic or not his behaviour has caused untold amounts of damage to people!!

I am currently being targeted for being a troll. I don't particularly care much about it as I have nothing to prove to anyone about my identity.

Someone made a sensationalist comment on a support event for mental illness which I was attending via Facebook:

This pissed me right off and I proceeded to vent my spleen at this idiot about why they were stupid!

"Her" response was that there was proof in research conducted by "Dr Kawashima from Kazastan". When I corrected her and said "Do you mean Dr Kawashima the Japanese Neuroscientist who contributed to Brain Trainer". 

She obviously didn't like this and proceeded to accuse me of being a troll, a groomer, a fat ugly 50 year old. She also claimed I was sending her inbox messages harassing her etc. She has no proof of this! 

I've never heard from this person until their ignorant remark about Mental Illnesses not existing!

I was awaiting her proof...

Again waiting on proof...

So now I'm a hacker...!

More bullshit

Still... no proof of these 'inboxes'

Thus their conclusion: TheBipolarKid is not a Kid! Who woulda thunk it?! 

So oh no! I committed the crime of the century! I called myself TheBipolarKid and I am not a kid! Heavens to Betsy what will we do?! 

But wait... What about Billy the Kid? What about the Sundance Kid? What about Kid Rock? Somebody call the police! These people are calling themselves a "kid" to lure unsuspecting youngsters...

Seriously! I am no more a pedophile, groomer, stalker, troller, 50 year old man than Elvis Presley is alive! 

Trolls are disgusting hideous people who have no respect or decency for any other human beings!

It's just typical too when I have a good day that some fucknugget has to come by and ruin it for me! 

Today I enrolled at university!! I can't begin to tell you how good it feels! I'm euphoric! I'm trying to keep a lid on things though as the euphoria could easily lead to a manic episode!! 

So next week I officially start studying as a degree student and I can't wait!! 

Until next time.

Keep Smiling :(:

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  1. Don't rise to it. People who contact strangers on the internet, purely to criticise their lives, are looking for a fight. The best way to bug them is to walk away.


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