Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Doctors: Revisited

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As you may know, I went to the docs on 09 January and finally gave in to the medication. Today I had a follow up appointment and have been put on a higher dose of Citalopram. I told her about the lack of sleep and the tremors and typically she put that down to my exams! Yes, it could well be exam related but I've had sleep issues FOREVER!

I guess exam stress gets to us all and I will have to just accept that's why I haven't been sleeping! 

I really HATE it when you make an appointment for a specific time and you're waiting in the waiting room for 30 minutes before being seen yet if you're 5 minutes late they can cancel your appointment! 

I have another appointment in 4 weeks to see how I am progressing.

I have been reasonably happy recently. I've probably been at a 1 or maybe even a 2 on my scale (where zero is just level). I haven't cut in a while too which makes me happy.

usually goes up to 5

I guess the main reason for this is being back around the people at uni. Despite all of my friends being a lot younger than me I feel a great connection to the and it makes me feel good.  I have often had issues with people my own age but I guess that is down to being bullied at school!

I've been missing my ex like crazy though and I'm dreading what would have been our 4 year anniversary next month!

So for the time being, the 10mg Citalopram has done nothing for me and today begins the 20mg. Lets see what happens! 

The Vitamin D supplements I have been taking have had no noticeable effect on me and I haven't taken any in a while. Perhaps I should get back on them? Or maybe if someone could send us some sun...?!

I think maybe sunbeds might be good (obviously not for my skin...) just to get a boost of energy or something! 

I guess for now I will continue to write as TheBipolarKid and perhaps change my name depending on the progression of whatever it is that I have! 

Until next time

Keep Smiling :(: 


  1. wow, i love reading your blog, my mum has BPD , so i find it interesting to see how it affects others

  2. Oiy no sunbeds get a uv bulbs several of them and they're much cheaper, and put in lamps. I always said Freud needed to spend some more time in England due to the weather and the sheer dreariness of it. Frankly it makes me happy only because of the temperature change it's so damn hot here you can't go outside. Do take your D it's much needed.

    You are saying you feel better, but at the same time you say the Celexa is not working...something is so what is it? I still think in my head and the words have not been put on paper "How can they say you are BiPolar if they are only treating you for depression DSMV BiPolar is "Bi" as in 2, manic/depression as in the old term. Mania and depression. The lack of sleep is usually due to the mania. You do understand the mania part of the BiPolar you can rapid cycle if not treated for both. I'm just say'n. I'm an advocate for being treated properly until you get a hold of your condition and can manage it on your own with or without medication. Some can some cannot.

    I cannot so I will not, it is detrimental to my well being in all facets for me and my loved ones. I don't do particularly well even on them, so I have to use behavior modification methods and have a strong support system. That is, if I don't self destruct or completely destroy my support, which is common for me. You seem to be going in the right direction don't give up and fight the good fight, it's your head, and your body only you know what is good for you. DO NOT let them bully you or TELL YOU what YOU need. Do your homework. Know your illness, and know your options.

    I also know what it's like to miss someone to the core and I still do and probably always will. The thought or mention makes my stomach ill. I've been saying since 2004, "This too shall pass" so when...

  3. yeah I was thinking about UV bulbs but they cost quite a bit on the electricity.

    The feeling better thing is just being back at uni, being back with people I have lots in common with, I know that's what it is cos when I'm out and about with them I feel good and when I'm back at home, alone I feel crappy!!

    I'm just taking little steps at the moment, see how things go!

  4. always interesting to read your blog, I was treated for anxiety and depression at university and was taking 20mg Citalopram for about 8 months, I had similar symptoms as you before I took them, for example, trouble sleeping, I literally had no energy, I got tired very quickly and couldn't eat properly.

    The side effects to them was rough I was quite ill adjusting to them for around 2-3weeks before they took any real effect to my behavior, the occasional mood swing though, its difficult to control yourself while you are taking them because they control the levels or serotonin and dopamine in your brain, its like being a whole different person. Still I can empthathise with what you are going through, you're not alone out there, all the best, Scott.


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