Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A new chapter...


Hello readers!

Once again more time has elapsed since my last blog than I would like.  However, I have mostly good things to report!!

I got a letter on Saturday saying that I'd passed my first year of university!! It made me VERY happy! I then went out with some friends Saturday evening to celebrate that and my friend's birthday.

Another reason I have to celebrate, I have been cut free since I wrote my last blog. I feel very proud of myself!! I have managed to break two habits! Keep your fingers crossed for me! To stop smoking is my next goal!! 

I had a brief period just before I moved where I couldn't leave the house. It really wasn't nice. I'm not sure what caused it but thankfully it didn't last! 

I moved house on 20 June and I love my new place. I have a garden AND a balcony! It's great because if I don't feel up to leaving the house I can sit on the balcony and get the fresh air I need.

I still haven't been to see a doctor yet but I know that's going to take some time as I will have to register as a new patient and I always find it very difficult to go over the whole process of what's going on etc etc. I'd only just started to trust my last GP! 

There are some issues I'm hoping to attend to in the near future when I think I'll be stable enough to face any possible backlash and I'm hoping soon I can carry on with writing my novel! 

All in all, I'm feeling really good and really happy which makes a change so i wanted to spread the joy!!

Keep Smiling :):

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  1. Congrats Little Bipolar Kid for all your very positive NEWS.

    Hope to hear MORE about how you're moving forward with your Recovery.
    Karen :)


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