Friday, 22 February 2013



Today I have decided to write about my rage problems. I'm not talking about your normal 'anger' issues, I'm talking all out I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE RIGHT NOW murderous blood boiling rage!!

I have always had anger issues. I never really know how to control my anger much like the rest of my emotions. Anger is the worst one for me though. It escalates so quickly that it makes my head spin!

Today was a very bad day. It was quite infuriating because it actually started off so well. Next year will be my final year at university and I was hoping to do my final year project on mental health. Specifically regarding children. I had been hoping to conduct a study in a mental health facility but last week my supervisor told me it could take up to a year to get NHS ethical approval. This was a bit disheartening for me as it was something I was really keen on. However, I'm not one to quit easily and when someone tells me I can't do something it makes me want to do it all the more. Somehow, for some reason, someone was smiling down on me today and I received an email from my uni mentor telling me that his wife is part of an ethics committee for psychiatric research and he may well be able to pull a few strings for me. This made me so happy!!

And so, it was with a happy heart that I set off for uni this afternoon. I was churning over ideas for my project and hoping that my supervisor would allow some string pulling to fast track my ethics approvals. 

Now, I'm not one to 'follow' fashion as they say. I like to do my own thing when it comes to how I dress. Admittedly, I like it when people look at me when I look a little outrageous. It gives me confidence in some perverse way. Today, I didn't think I looked too outrageous by my own standards...! Honestly! However, I received a lot of dirty looks and snide comments about how I was dressed! I don't even understand it. I mean, if I look ridiculous, surely that's my own fault right? Surely no one has the right to make rude comments about me? Needless to say, by the time I got to the tram station this morning I was feeling a little insecure and anxious and was thinking that wearing my crazy shoes was a mistake...! 

I figured I ought to just shrug it off and continue planning my final year project planning. I missed my tram by a few seconds and that annoyed me a little. The next tram wasn't for another 10 minutes. I sat reading my book and ignoring the comments and stares I was getting. When my tram arrived I sat down and put my bag over my feet as my anxiety was really getting bad. The tram was then delayed before the last stop as the driver had gone to the wrong platform and there was already another tram there. This made me miss my connecting train by another 10 seconds! This made me cross but I decided it wasn't that big a deal. I stood outside the train station having a cigarette to calm my nerves and that's when I realised I had left my student ID card in my other coat. I was a bit frustrated but I knew I could get a temporary pass. 

I got to uni and I was supposed to be meeting a friend. I figured I'd go to the office to get my temporary ID sorted as her bus was delayed. I went to the main building and they told me I'd had the maximum number of cards allowed for this academic year and I was to go to the Student Centre. As I exited the building there were 3 guys walking spread out across the pavement and they were going incredibly slow! I needed to move quickly as I had 15 minutes until my lecture. I couldn't get around them and I was getting frustrated! I don't understand a person's need to walk so slow! I got around them and half ran to the Student Centre. I waited 5 minutes at the main desk only to be told to join the queue to the left. I stood in what I thought was the queue until I realised that I had to check myself in for an 'appointment' at the desk. I did this and saw that the waiting time was 12 minutes.  I was irritated by this but I needed to get a replacement pass! After standing in the queue for 5 minutes, I overheard a lady at another desk saying that she was the one who dealt with ID cards. Again, I became more irritated as I'd wasted time in a queue I didn't need to be in and within the 5 minutes I was stood in the wrong queue, 10+ people had joined the right queue! I realised I was going to be late to class and my anxiety was getting quite high! 

When I got to the front of the queue, I explained my plight and asked for a temporary day pass. I was informed that since I'd used the maximum number of temporary passes I'd have to purchase a new one. I explained that I knew where my card was and I didn't need a new one, I just needed a temporary one to get me to my classes today. I was informed again that it wasn't possible to issue me with any more temporary passes and that the only way to go to my lectures would be to buy another pass. I explained that I had no money anyway and buying a replacement was not an option. Still I was refused!  By this point I was quite angry! I understand the need for security and all but it was highly irritating that I could not get another pass! I'd only used a paper pass three times before and I wasn't aware there was an upper limit on the number of passes we could be issued! No pass - no entry! I had no choice but to go home! 

I was incredibly cross because of this. I felt like I'd wasted my money getting to uni only to be told to go home! I stomped off towards the train station and decided to pick up some milk on the way so I could have a cup of tea when I got home. 

The first shop I went into had such a big queue and the mood that I was in was not conducive to standing around with so many people. My anxiety was really high by this point! I decided to go next door to Tesco. I hadn't anticipated that there would be an issue in Tesco but I couldn't have been more wrong! Stood in the doorway was a group of about 15 people. Whether together or not they were all completely in my way. I tried politely to ask people to move out of my way and after saying "Excuse me" 4/5 times I just exploded and I screamed "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY!!!" Then I stomped through the crowd to get my milk! Now, this may seem like a bit of an over reaction but I HATE being waylaid when I'm trying to get something done! 

I was quite upset by this point! I really dislike getting angry because I know how bad it can get! It's even worse since I've stopped self harming! I am 89 days cut free now. That is almost half way to my six-month target! Cutting used to be such a release for me, it helped me so much and now that I don't have that release I find it difficult to vent things such as anger. 

By the time I got home, I couldn't think straight. That is the worst part of my anger. My mind goes funny and I can't gather my thoughts properly, then I become paranoid. I think that everyone is pointing and laughing at me. I feel like everyone is against me, willing me to fail or make a fool of myself. That in turn makes my anger worse and it is like a vicious circle. The more angry I get the more paranoid I become and the more that makes me angry! 

Paranoia is such a debilitating feeling just on it's own. When coupled with anger, it's pretty nasty! I tried the usual things, chanting my mantra NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, I tried listening to music that lifts me, dancey music, silly music. Nothing worked. 

The thing is, with my anger, it's the little things that really tick me off! Like now for example, as I lie here writing my blog, my trackpad on my laptop keeps going weird. It's been like this for a while now and it makes my blood boil! If something big happens it doesn't bother me so much. Like my first day at uni, there was a road traffic accident and the whole of Vauxhall bus/train station was closed off and I had no idea how to get to where I was going. I wasn't angry. I was anxious about being late, anxious about getting lost but not angry. As I sit here writing my blog my Mr Aussie is asleep next to me. He snores VERY loud. It's not his fault I know that. I try to nudge him to make him stop and he does for a few seconds but then he starts all over again and I just find myself wanting to smother him with a pillow! 

It's not his fault that I feel this anger. It's me! I just wish I knew how to control it better as I know perfectly well what I'm capable of when pushed to my absolute limit! I was in an abusive relationship some time ago and he pushed me so far that I almost killed him! I didn't like how that felt. I turned to drugs and alcohol to blot out what I'd very nearly willingly done. I don't want to get to that point ever again! 

I have tried a lot of things to channel my anger. I love crafting. I try meditating. I go for walks. I read. Listen to music. All of these things are great for diffusing tension but in the heat of the moment I simply cannot control my rage and I just explode! I wish I knew where this inability to express anger in a healthy way began. I was always a very angry person, even in childhood as far as I can recall. I would get angered by silly little things as a child which was so strange given that I was such a calm child! Even when I was being beaten and bullied at school I never got angry...! 

Anyway, I have to end my blog here as I can feel my anxiety welling up. It's 2:19am and I have to go to uni tomorrow! Time to put in my ear plugs and try very hard to go to sleep!!  Again, I apologise for my incoherence but I needed to write in order to clear my head before I attemted to sleep!! 

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day! 

Keep Smiling :): 


  1. wow that was alot but in a way I can relate with the anger. My meds help curve that and so does my age and what I have gone through in my life. I hope everything is going good for you right now.

  2. Hey, it's ok to be mad. We have anger for a reason. Sounds like you have a lot of suppressed anger. Being bullied is very painful. You pushed those feelings deep. Anger is also a protective cover for hurt. I had rage issues. Especially when I drove. I was in the car with my 3 children and a car behind me was tailgating. I got pissed and let it get ahead and then I flashed my brights at it and tailgated, my anger increasing!!! All kinds of weird logic going on in my head. Then it slowed down next to another car and I was stuck behind it. I finally got a chance to pass and i put the hamer down on the accelerator going 90+ miles and hour and then blew my engine. Stuck in the middle of nowhere.
    I learned that it was ok to be hurt by the things that happened in my past. Life is too short to allow myself to waste it with anger. When you feel the rage kicking in, tap into it. Why are you mad? Everything is ok. You have what you need. You are in college. You are bright. You are cared about.
    I send you peace.


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