Monday, 25 November 2013

I know I can never be happy but I can be gay!


There is a subject that seems tender to most. A lot of people don't really know what to make of it so they shun the idea. Others make weak excuses affixed to their religion. That subject is gay marriage.

Now, I am Christian, in that I was christened at 6 weeks old. I used to attend church in my mid to late teens on a weekly basis for more than a year and found myself in at least one religious retreat. Furthermore, I have been bestowed with the honourable duty of being a Godparent. That being said, I'm not religious. I fell out of love with God a long time ago. I had tried to accept that things were sent to test us and that was fine, until I realised that it felt more like I was being mocked rather than tested. Now, perhaps the true sign of a Christian is his perseverance in the face of adversity? I don't know but it just didn't suit me. I'm more of a spiritual person. I believe in the things that surround me, the earth, the trees, the sea etc. I also appreciate that material things don't bring happiness. I am always searching for inner peace, like a Buddhist perhaps.

Either way, I don't actually subscribe to any religion these days. I go about my life doing things that make me happy without causing harm to others.

When it comes to defining my sexuality, I struggle. I am certainly not straight as I am equally as attracted to men and women. So, by the very definition I would be bisexual right? Apparently not. For me, gender is not a defining feature in a relationship. Man, woman, transgender, it does not matter to me as long as that person can make me happy and I them.

I have found myself immersed in 3 Pride parades in the 8 1/2 years I've lived in London. I don't go to defend rights, I go to meet an array of beautiful people.

Pride 2013 was about marriage equality. Now, I don't know specifically what the bible states in regard to homosexuality but let's face it, it's been skewed over the centuries anyhow. By saying this, I am not trying to demean Christianity at all. I am stating fact as far as I know.

The whole gay marriage thing has gone too far if you ask me. There are people crying out that it would make a mockery of their marriage. Now, I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with that fact as I don't have enough information, nor can I be bothered searching for it! When I look at marriage, I see two people binding themselves together for their lifetime and some wish to do it in the house of a God they so greatly love.

Now, on that note, how about those who get married who are not religious in the least? Surely, that makes more of a mockery? Making a promise in the house of a God you don't believe in. Swearing vows in the eyes of a god you don't believe in. Surely that is worse?!

Granted, not all people must have a religious marriage ceremony, in fact many opt not to. However, it still occurs and if you ask me, that is way more offensive!

If I was on a diet and asked you to stop eating donuts, would you? Of course you wouldn't! Your abstinence from donuts will not affect my weight so how will 2 gay Christians getting wed affect your marriage? It wouldn't! Some people argue that marriage is for procreation. Perhaps so but what about those married couples who have never had children? What about those who are not necessarily devout Christians but have children and are not wed? Also, what about those gay couples who adopt children, thus giving them another chance in life?!

Some like to claim that 2 gay men or women raising a child is child abuse. They won't grow up 'normal'. They will have a skewed vision of marriage, love and the world around them... How does that figure?! First of all, have you actually READ the definition of child abuse? Second, what is normal anyway? Finally, how is it that a child will grow up gay if their parents are? I'm not straight yet both of my parents and all 8 of my siblings are! I made my decisions based on my own thoughts and feelings. For a long time in secondary school I believed I was gay. Boys did nothing for me. I saw them as friends. However, my opinion was swayed when I met a boy on a summer holiday who was sweet and loving toward me. We were young. Too young for sex but we held hands. We hugged for extended periods of time. We like to be in the company of each other. He was my first boyfriend I suppose. Then when I returned home I started noticing boys a little more but still no more than girls. They were both equally attractive to me. I would be inclined to say that I have had more relationships with boys but that is not strictly by choice. That is simply the situation I have found myself in and I was happy.

As I came more into my own, I realised that I was simply attracted to beautiful people. People who made me laugh, people who could recite Shakespeare, people with whom I could hold a lengthy football debate! Those are the kind of people I am attracted to and I don't believe there is a particular gender assigned to those kinds of people!

Another point here is celebrity marriage. Those who marry for the publicity, those who marry just to get themselves on the front page of the local rag! Now I'm not going to give specific names here but I am certain that you, dear reader, have images of these people in your head already! These people make the biggest mockery of the sanctity of marriage! The problem here is, how do we stop this? Truth be told, we can't! You can't know that these "celebs" are just doing it to remain "famous" they might well be in love but we know in our hearts that a lot of them aren't.

Perhaps some sort of time-scale ought to be introduced whereby you're only allowed to get married when you have been together and lived together for a certain length of time? I don't have the solution I'm simply spitballing.

All I am trying to get across here is gay marriage is fine! So is straight marriage. Black/white marriage. White/Asian marriage. Asian/black marriage. It is simply two people in love. It is person/person marriage!

I could go on but honestly, I can feel my blood pressure rising!

Keep Smiling :(:

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