Monday, 25 November 2013

Mama we're all crazy now!


As a sufferer of mental health issues, I have been called all sorts of names  here are a few: crazy, nutter, psycho, loon, nut case, lunatic, bad, evil, monster (yes, really!), bonkers, reject, defective...! Those are the ones I can recall off the top of my head!

Now, as a child, I also got called these names and more besides, not pertaining to my mental state! Initially, yes these names bothered me. They hurt my feelings. They made me cry. These days, they are like water off a duck's back! The delivery of such names sting occasionally but that would be more down to my state of mind as opposed to the word itself.

There are a lot of negative connotations toward people with mental health issues. These negative ideas are perpetuated by the media. Be it on TV, in a film, in a book, in a newspaper.... The media are hugely responsible for the way the general population view those with mental health issues, no matter how small.

As someone who has a mental illness, I found the furore surrounding the Halloween costumes sold by Tesco and Asda laughable! Halloween is a time to dress up and beg for sweets from your neighbours. There is no dignity in that so heck, why not go all out and go as a crazy person? You might as well really!

Tesco and Asda are not the first to sell these costumes and you can bet all your Halloween goodies they won't be the last either!

Yes, I am fully aware that mental health is a very sensitive issue but take a chill pill people, there are much worse things in this world to be up in arms about!

I remember when I was but knee high to a grasshopper my dad told me "Never go to London, they shut down all the mental hospitals and now the nut jobs hang out at the train stations and push people under trains. Well, father, I have been a resident of London for 8 1/2 years and I have not once encountered a "nut job" at the train station (drunks, drug addicts, beggars... Maybe). Nor have I been pushed under a train!

This whole non-issue is reminiscent of racist "slurs" or the recent lad's mag farce! It is the absolute minority who are offended by these things and here, I'll let you in on a secret; people of a different race are mostly NOT offended by some [probably] flippant remark on the colour of their skin! Joe Public is NOT offended by the sight of some perky tits in a newsagents and us 'crazies' generally don't care what you call us either! These "complaints" are rarely ever made by the offendees themselves, it is someone else who is offended on the behalf of A. N. Other.

We are all offended by things. If we were to remove everything that "may offend" someone then people would be offended by the lack of... Well... Everything!

Yes, it is always wise to err on the side of caution so if your mum's best friend's cousin's dog's groomer might be a little nuts then simply don't wear a straight jacket to her party this Halloween. I, on the other hand might well don a straight jacket and run round with a hatchet just for the lulz.

Keep Smiling :(:

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