Monday, 25 November 2013

Twin idiots?


I'm sure by now you will have heard about the two girls who dressed as the Twin Towers for a Halloween party at Rosie's in Chester? There are news stories a-plenty!

I'm sure everyone has their opinions. In fact, here are some of the tweets I came across recently:

Now, of course, people are fully entitled to their opinions but the likes of Danielle D (who gives herself the classy Twitter handle of @_DoubleDee - need I say more) are just plain disgusting! I mean seriously? Who is she to call these two girls "ugly cunts" based on costumes they wore? That's just outright bullying! To make matters worse, the Daily Mail went and posted a pic of one of the girls houses! Are they fucking retarded?!

Ok, these girls may have shocked the hell out of your granny but wait, they're NOT the first to do this!!

I hear you all gasp in unison...! Take a look at these!!

But wait... here's the best (worst?) one!!! 


Now, I'll bet none of these have been lambasted for their apparently poor choices of costume!

Perhaps these girls may have been a little misguided in their choice of couture given that one of them has a father who is a pilot in New York but are they really wrong to describe what happened on September 11 2001 as a horror? No, I think not and I do believe the theme of the evening was, indeed, HORROR! 

People are far to quick to jump up and down and make complaints about these things. Just take a look at my blog about the mental health costumes here. These people aren't really offended, they simply have nothing better to do!

There were another group who hit the headlines this Halloween. There was a rugby team who had a ... wait for it... BAD TASTE party and their costumes were, wait for it... in BAD TASTE!!

Here we saw a 'Baby P' costume, KKK members and ill-fated footballer, Gary Speed. 

First of all, it was a BAD TASTE PARTY, The clue is in the name for goodness sake! Second of all, why are their faces blurred out of the picture? How is that fair?!

I would dare say that the problem with society is we feel we have the right to protect others from themselves and further, to judge on their behalf what is "unacceptable" to one. 

And hey, whilst we're on the subject of bad taste, how are these costumes any more acceptable...

Patrick Bateman - Serial Killer



Freddy Kreuger - Suspected Paedophile

The list is endless but I can't be bothered to continue to trawl the internet...! Surely you get the idea though?!

What these two girls did, I believe, was brilliant, they were incredibly creative and they highlighted the HORROR that was 9/11. Besides, isn't Halloween all about the walking dead?!

If anyone ought to be put in the stocks here, it would be either the bouncers who let the girls in in the first place or the DJ who awarded the prize. Personally, I think the girls deserved the £150 and people should just SHUT UP! 

Had this happened in New York, yes, they MAY have been just a little out of line but it didn't!

These poor girls have been torn apart in national news and will probably forever be "those girls who dressed as the twin towers". That is a cruel fate. 

You have heard of gallows humour right? Dark humour that makes light of terrible situations? This would fall into that category despite the girls explicitly stating that their costumes were NOT intended as a joke. 

If I was to be bluntly honest, I'd just say GET OVER IT ALREADY, 9/11 was a long time ago and nothing us mere citizens say can change what happened or bring back the dead. But hey, I'm not here to rile people up!

Keep Smiling :):

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