Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Attempt at writing whist manic!


I figured sonce I havent wroteen ion a while I wiould give it a shot now wholst I'm effeling incredibly manic! It's 6:30am and I am stukl wide awake!

I'm not going to  correct any speloing errors in thei s pst as I think it makes it more meaningful seeing the erros I make whilst manic since IO'm usually incredibly anal about such things!

I have been unwell for the past 2 cdays with suspected food poinsoning yet again so my sleep has been disturbed by constant trips to the toiklet and now, I simly cannot sleep!

I have an incrediblty intenst headache that is radiating arpund my entire face.  Ia am seeing flashes of light all around me and I am hearing things!

I have been incdetr a lit orf stress reecently which is why I habvent been online or writing. I wont bore you wikth all the details but my mium is sick dsonse Octomber, I ahd to leave uni, my boyfriend and I split I no lobger have a job and one of my oso-called best frineds doesnt want to be nfriends with me any mire because I am "too engetiv!" Awesome!

Everything hurts! my head hurts, my heart hurts, ym brain hurts my foot hurts (I jumped of a 2ft wall!() my muscles ache, my heart aches, my brain aches...!

I don't know what to domw iwht myself at teh moment, I just alternate between crying anst staring into space. interpsersed with self harm and drinking!

my head is racing , my heart is racinh, my thoughts are racing, ny ears are buzzing and my fingwers are takibg on a livef of theri own!

I can see this is n't going to weel for me tight now and all the red squiggles aee driving me CRAZY so before thigns get out of comtrol I am going to post this blog just like this and then re-evaluate when I'm back in my own shoes!

IUntil then!
Keep MSiling! ?):

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