Monday, 19 May 2014

Here I go again. Blog rant.


I decided some time ago that if I didn't have anything to blog about in relation to my mental health, I would write about things that irked me. Things in the media that cause me to swear loudly. This is one of those blogs!

Hopefully I will be back to regular blogging soon but in the meantime this needs time written!

You will often read in newspapers that some poor schmuck or other has died after taking a "legal high". In a recent copy of the Metro, there was a short article about this issue. They ended the article with the following;

"'They are certainly not necessarily safe, and the word "legal" implies they are safe'".

Now, let's get right down to business here. Legal and safe are NOT synonymous. Look them up in the dictionary. The words are not interchangeable. Some of these "legal highs" have warnings on them saying "not safe for human consumption" HELLOOO?! 

I personally once took a legal high. Why? Why not! I'm not a stupid person. I bought the pills from a reputable seller. I read the instructions and I took one of the pills. I can't remember the exact instructions but I do recall the explicit advice to "not consume alcohol whilst using this substance"  and also "do not use in conjunction with any other substance, legal or otherwise" or something to that effect. So guess what? I didn't drink and I didn't take anything else. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed that I felt nothing from taking the pill. However, I dint feel compelled to take another, have a drink or score something more "industrial strength" because the instructions told me not to.

You may have your own opinions on my taking of drugs, legal or otherwise and you are perfectly entitled to let me know how you feel about my admission. However, it will not change the past and probably won't influence any future drug taking choices should they arise.

The youngsters that seem to have died from taking these legal highs were also often found to have consumed alcohol and also taken Ketamine. Do you know about Ketamine? I wouldn't expect that you would to be honest. It is used during surgeries from time to time. For people and animals. Ketamine is a sedative. Now, when you mix two seemingly safe chemicals together, you are bound (by the laws of chemistry) to create some sort of reaction. That is just basic science! Sometimes the reaction won't do anything noticeable to you but sometimes, BOOM! It's like those who take x amount of "uppers" alongside x amount of "downers" and their heart explodes!!

Here is just a short list of stories and what is wrong with them;

Matt Ford "smoked via a bong" a substance that you are advised to "burn and let the aroma relax you"
Jimmy Guichard died from smoking a substance marked "not safe for human consumption"
Jennifer Whiteley died after taking legal highs with cocaine

These are just a few stories. There are many more, do the research yourself and then make a conclusion.

The other story I am tired of reading which lies in the same vein is that about people consuming energy drinks.  These people having heart attacks after consuming x amount of Monster or Red Bull or whatever. Ok, first of all, if you have a HEART CONDITION you ought to know better! If you suffer in this way I'm almost certain your doctor will have told you to avoid drinks with high caffeine content. Second, how many of these drinks does one actually think is ok to consume? Yeah so you're a bit tired and you need something to perk you up, by all means, have a can or two but it's at your own risk! These drinks contain sufficient information about the ingredients contained therein. You just need to check the label.

Here are some stories about those deaths, what do you think?

Anais Fournier had defective blood vessels

Alex Morris "habitually drank" Monster
Drank 3 cans of Red Bull ofter intense gym workout!
Corey Terry drank Red Bull "all the time"
FDA reports "no link" between deaths and energy drinks

If these people can't drink this stuff responsibly then tough shit!

People often drink energy drinks combined with alcohol. They think they're fine yet energy drinks are a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant...! HELLOO???

We live in a society where a bag of nuts contains a warning "contains nuts" as Lee Evans once said "Well, fuckin YEAH! You'd be surprised if you opened the bag and a socket set fell out!" People are no longer accepting responsibility for their own stupidities. If you use a hair drier in the bathroom, there's a greater chance you're going to get electrocuted. That's your own stupid problem quite frankly! Gone are the days when such idiots were posthumously "honoured" for removing themselves from the gene pool by way of a Darwin Award. Pioneering surgery is now available to save the lives of such morons. I despair of this bubble wrapped world!

The whole "war on drugs" issue is a huge bee in my proverbial bonnet for many reasons. Having done a lot of my own research on the subject, I strongly agree with the legalisation of all drugs. This way they can be controls by scientists. They will be cleaner and quite probably somewhat safer! Also, think of the money that the economy will recoup! There will be less drug relate crimes, less police time/money invested in "stings" or "busts" and the association of drugs being "cool" because they are illegal will eventually disappear. Of course, this is not an exact science. Nothing ever is. However, all you need to do is look at the facts in places such as Portugal.

A lot of this boils down to freedom of choice. People ought to be able to make a choice of their own accord and face the risks associated with making such a choice. As long as what they choose to do doesn't cause direct harm to another living creature, where is the problem? If they weigh up the pros and cons and proceed with their choice and subsequently die, why is that anyone else's problem? As long as they weren't duped or coerced into doing the thing that may or may not kill them it's no one else's business!

Take responsibility for your own actions people! Stop seeking to blame someone else for your own idiotic actions!!

I'd be interested in hearing your opinions as ever on this matter. In the meantime,

Keep smiling :(:

Disclaimer: Just to be clear, I think that it's terrible these people have died. It's awful when anyone dies. However, I don't accept the way people are too quick to shove the blame onto someone instead of accepting the fact that either their parenting skills are shit or their kids are simply idiots! 

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  1. Good story. Humans are trying to escape reality and will do stupid things to get there, life is hard enough with out adding a variety of drugs that can kill you. I guess it seems that you got biggest escape of your life. Death.


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