Thursday, 3 September 2015

Ignorance is NOT bliss

This morning I almost got into a fist fight with a parent at the library. It has been bubbling away under the surface since then and I now realise I should have just punched her square in her ignorant face and had it not been for the presence of tiny innocent minds, I would have done just that! Here’s what happened;
I was at Song and Rhyme Time with The little one I look after as I am most Thursday’s. Given the regularity with which I attend this gathering, I have made some friends. One of these friends has a lovely little boy called “D”. Little D is an adorable cherubic little thing with masses of dark curly hair. D came up to me and very proudly showed me his fingernails. They were painted pink. I looked over at his mother who then informed me that she was painting her own nails and D insisted she did his too. I laughed. Kids! 
Another mother saw D’s nails and said to me “I can’t believe someone would do that to a boy. It’s bad enough that he has long hair, now she is only adding to his confusion”. I was puzzled. I asked her “How exactly is he confused?” She replied with “Well look at him, he has long hair and pink fingernails, he clearly believes he is a girl” erm really?! I told her not to be so obtuse! Children often imitate the adults they feel closest to. That’s a natural part of human behaviour and actually extends beyond childhood. She then said to me “well next week she will be bringing him in a skirt and telling everyone he is a transvestite!” This is the part that really pissed me off! I said to her; “what is wrong with anyone being a transvestite?” To which she replied “everything is wrong with it. Clearly some parents don’t give a shit how psychologically messed up their children become by allowing them to believe they have a vagina instead of the penis they can see!” Well, as you can imagine, by this point I was clenching my fists and grinding my teeth! I had to educate the idiot! 
I told her that she was very misinformed about the term transvestite. I explained how I, myself, am a transvestite and it has absolutely nothing to do with the parts in my pants. She looked at me with renewed horror and said “does your employer know you’re a pervert?!” Ok, now we’re getting way too confused about things! Yes, I’m a pervert. So what? That has absolutely nothing to do with my ability to look after children. The two are entirely separated. Furthermore, being a transvestite does NOT, I repeat NOT make me a pervert. I am both and they are not synonymous! 
I went on to explain how being a transvestite has absolutely nothing to do with my sexual proclivities and is literally about the clothing I wear. To “transvest” quite literally means to wear the clothing of the opposite gender. That is to say, most of the clothing I own is from the men’s section of whichever clothing store I bought it from as opposed to wearing women’s trousers. There is a distinct difference. 
She was quite clearly dumbstruck by my revelations as she just looked at me gaping like a fish. I then told her “If D wants to be a girl when he grows up, that’s entirely up to him. If that is how he was made then who are we to judge but just know that wearing nail polish or indeed anything has absolutely no bearing on a child’s sexuality. I just hope that if your precious daughter reveals to you that she is actually a boy that you have the decency to accept this and help accommodate this” she responded with “my daughter plays with dolls and wears dresses. She is a girl and she knows it”. Yeah, that worked out well for me didn’t it?! 
It took so much strength for me not to punch her really REALLY hard! What is it with people?!

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