Saturday, 23 January 2016

Rethink Mental Illness

Hey readers! 

It has been a while since I haven written. Things have been all over the place for me and I haven't been able to tell my arse from my elbow! 

Last year you may recall my post about a Cabaret show raising money for Mind. It was a hugely emotional show and we raised quite a bit of money.

Blue Monday came and went again this week and on Thursday, we held the second Le Chien Noir cabaret show. This time, we raised money for Rethink. The show was, once again, a roaring success with people laughing and crying together and having a jolly good time whilst raising money for a fantastic cause! 

Poster handpainted by Lux DeLioux and inspired, of course, by Johannes Vermeer's "The Girl with the Pearl Earring."

Before the show, I was approached by the producer about writing a blog. She had been contacted by Rethink who wanted to promote the show and share an experience. Initially they were looking for a performer. However, Vivacity said that the job was suited to no one better than me.

, I was a little cautious when writing my piece to not over egg the pudding too much, I didn't want to cause cavities with my sweetness about how much the cabaret peeps mean to me and how much they are a family to me - no one likes a kiss ass!

You can read the blog here on the Rethink website.

Just prior to the show I had the pleasure of meeting Amber, the person who had sent the original email, who congratulated me on the blog. I felt very buoyed by this and it helped me keep myself together whist watching brave and courageous performers interpret their mental health issues for the entertainment of the masses.

Following the show, I spoke to a few more people from Rethink who told me how much they loved my piece and how they would love for me to write for them again!! Can you imagine how overjoyed I am?!

Keep Smiling :):


We raised an incredible £2,368.50!!!

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