Saturday, 22 October 2016

How to save a live

Two bacon butties and three cups of tea later and I'm feeling somewhat more human!

Last night there was an alarming post in a mental health group I am part of. We didn't know if this post was real or just a cry for help. Either way, several members of the group did everything they could do find out where this person lived and alerted the police to their whereabouts. This person was subsequently taken to hospital. 

None of the responders knew this person. The message could have easily been ignored. Instead, everyone donned their capes and saved this person's life. 
People often talk badly about those with mental health issues. They say that we're bad or dangerous. This is not true even slightly. 

If you are worried for humanity right now (and you should be) just know that a group of people saved the life of a person they had never met last night. A group of people who were no doubt struggling themselves. Not knowing what to do or where to find the person in need. 

I am sure today these people will simply go about their usual business, doing whatever it is they do in a Saturday afternoon but hopefully with a little joy in their hearts knowing that last night they saved a life! 

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