Driven To Kill

This story I'll tell you
Will make you feel sad
It'll make you feel angry
It'll make you feel mad

For this is a story
About trouble and pain
That ends with a loss
There was nothing to gain!

It started that day
When they followed me home
They pushed and they kicked
Wouldnt leave me alone

Then each day that followed
It became worse and worse
I dont know why they did it
Perhaps I was cursed?

So one night all alone
I took to my room
and I thought to myself
“it'll be over soon”

With no fear in my heart
and naught but a knife
I slashed my own wrists
I took my own life

As the blood dripped away
and my heart stood still
Those kids were to blame
They drove me to kill

They're lucky, you see
cos now they got away
and my family lives
with this pain every day

Cos I am not there
they all weep and they cry
for no one could save me
They all watched me die

So when you see a kid
whose not pretty or smart
Dont taunt them or beat them
Please, have a heart

Cos one day that kid
That you kicked in the head
may be found by her parents too
in her room,

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