This page is for my frequently asked questions. I will answer as honestly as possible.

Some questions have been re-worded so that people who speak English can understand.

How old are you?

I just turned 29!

Are you male or female?

I am female.

Why do you call yourself a kid when you're not?

This is a rather silly question that frequently crops up...! TheBipolarKid, LittleBipolarKid TBK and LBK are simply monikers that I have adopted. I have never implied I was a "kid" and I'm rather certain my writing style is not that of a child! Below are a list of non-kid "kids".

Billy the Kid
Sundance Kid
Kid Rock
Kid Cudi
Da Kid
Alex da Kid
The Kid
Junior AKA The Kid
Gary "The Kid" Jacobs

Honestly, the list goes on!

What is your real name? 

A question often synonymous with "why do you feel the need to hide your identity?"  Is my name really that important? Can you make some sort of judgement about me based on my name a la Katie Hopkins? I 'feel the need' to remain anonymous to protect myself and those I care about deeply. There are a small number of individuals who know the 'secret identity' of TheBipolarKid but these happen to be people I trust implicitly!

Where are you from?

I hail from a reasonable sized city in the North of England. I moved to London some years ago.

 What mental health issue do you have?

It's kind of in the name dude! Although, of course, it's not a given! Take your pick from the list below;

Borderline Personality Disorder with self harm as a "symptom"
Bipolar disorder
Generalised anxiety disorder
Sleep paralysis
Mild OCD
hear voices
Night terrors
I occasionally suffer hallucinations/delusions
Uncontrollable rage (possibly IED)

Those are the main ones.

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